Aj and Alyssa are engaged!

10:23 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My best friends are engaged. After three years of dating, the two people that were more made for each other than any other two people in the world, are getting married. Our freshman year of college Alyssa had a pair of pants with only one pant pocket on the back (why? I don't know. I think it fell off). Now, Alyssa wore these pants all the time, and we teased her about them a bit, but it was okay because she was Alyssa and she can get away with anything. One fine day while I was walking down caf-lane, I discovered a familiar looking butt-another pair of pants with only one pant pocket! A shaggy haired boy was walking right in front of me was wearing pants with only one pant pocket as well, what are the odds?! I rushed to Alyssa and told her that I had found her soul-mate (jokingly of course) and she in turn told me she knew who it was; a boy from one of her classes named Aj. Four years later, they're gettin' hitched. Alyssa, I'm sorry if you're embarrassed by this post, but I had to do it. I love you guys!

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