Princess Parties!

11:12 AM

The day after Halloween (I know this is late), some old friends from college and I headed over to Balboa Park for a photo shoot for their up and coming website. They're starting a business hosting princess parties for little girls! It's a great idea; being a nanny I've seen just how much little girls LOVE princesses. Plus, Andra and Tori are both very pretty and can pull of the princess look quite well. We got a few funny looks walking through Balboa Park in princess attire, however I think people were more confused that I was dressed normally and walking with Princess Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty. 

The best part was seeing little kids point and stare as if they were seeing a celebrity, and one little girl even coyly told Andra, "You're pretty...". 

This one got us a great deal of funny looks because I used self-timer. It's not every day you seen a grown woman taking a picture with two princesses.

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